Garage Door Spring Repair  Silver Spring MD

Most people who own garage doors, don’t pay a lot of attention to the door springs. This is nothing out of the ordinary but can lead to significant problems. Why? Because one of the most important parts of a garage door and its opener are the springs. Springs raise and lower the garage door, so they should always be a part of garage door service. Door springs can also be dangerous because of the weight they lift and the tension they are put under.
If your garage door isn’t working the way it should, the springs can be the cause. Springs for garage doors last a long time, but they also break sooner or later. Breakage should worry you because you can always replace the springs.
When you decide to get new springs, you should always get a full set. If one spring in a pair breaks, then the other might have been under more load than it could take. This situation could cause the other significant wear.
Replacing and installing garage door springs yourself can be a challenging and hazardous task that needs more than one pair of hands. That’s why you should leave the job to professionals who have experience installing garage door springs.
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Types of Springs for Garage Doors

Torsion springs connect above your garage door opening and coil around a shaft when you lift the door up. These springs use torque to open your garage door, hence the name. Torsion springs are safer than extension springs, can carry a bigger load, and last much longer, but are more expensive. It’s easier to use a garage door with torsion springs instead of extension springs.
Extension springs are the most common and can be found in almost every garage door system. Extension springs expand and contract under pressure when you close or open your garage door. With these springs come safety cables. These cables help avoid injury or damage in case a spring, bracket or cable should fail. If you are on a budget, extension springs are a good choice but can be dangerous when they malfunction.

Why garage door springs fail

We often get calls from customers that have problems with garage door springs. If you want to know why these springs break, we can give you the opinion of well-informed professionals that have years of experience in the field.

Spring age

The springs in every garage door have to lift heavy weights on a regular basis. They help open and close the garage door, after all. This means that they take a lot of abuse over the years. The normal wear adds up over long periods of time and causes metal fatigue. After a certain point, they weaken and snap.

Spring corrosion

Unfortunately, you can have problems with corrosion even if your garage door and its springs aren’t all that old. Dust, dirt, and water can corrode your door springs making them brittle and weak. If you already have a broken spring, inspect it for rust. If the spring shows signs of corrosion, then you should check your replacement spring more often. Even small amounts of rust can shorten the lifespan of springs.

Poor maintenance

Like with any other part of your house, you garage doors need to be checked for wear once in a while.
Maintenance is necessary if you want to keep your door working as intended. If you don’t take a look at each part from time to time, your door’s system can fail. What this leads to most often is a broken spring.

To expand the life of your garage door, you should perform maintenance once a year. This should include checking the door’s balance and lubrication of mechanisms. To make sure your door is balanced, all you have to do is lift it up halfway before letting it go. If your door goes down a little instead of staying in place, then you have worn springs.

Incorrect installation

Sometimes, spring failure turns out to be the result of improper installation. That’s why you should always contact a company that has experience in garage door installation and a good reputation.

Manufacturing mistakes

Errors in manufacturing are rare but can happen sometimes. Any spring can break because of a mistake during its production, even if it’s in great shape. You might not notice a spring is faulty, but a garage door repair service will see it straight away.