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Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repairs Can Empty Your Home Budget

Out of all the things that need regular maintenance around a household, garage doors might be among the most overlooked. Homeowners are often busy thinking about larger projects for which they need to set aside significant funds. Things like roof repairs, heating, AC or bathroom remodels are usually at the top of their list. But, just like a leaking roof or a busted air conditioner, garage doors that aren’t working like intended can be an emergency. You can find yourself unable to drive your car to work because of a broken cable or door spring.
garage door repairs can empty your home
Although it may not seem like a big deal at first, garage door repair can empty out your home budget before you know it. A situation like this can take you by surprise and ruin your day. To avoid the stress that comes along with a broken garage door, you need to plan ahead. You should budget for repairs, but also make a habit out of checking whether all the parts on your garage doors are in top working order. This way you can be sure that nothing is going to sneak up on you.
If you are having trouble opening your garage door, don not worry or panic. There is a lot that can be done for a malfunctioning door. Replacing the whole thing is always a last resort. Often, there are many ways to fix the problems you are having.
If you are not experienced with garage door repair service and don’t own the right tools, hiring a professional is recommended. Despite DIY know-how being welcome in every house, sometimes doing things yourself can end up costing much more. Save yourself valuable time and money by giving the job to our Garage door repair Silver Spring MD service.

A Broken Garage Door Spring

One of the things that most often needs replacement during garage door repair is a broken spring.

There’s no avoiding it and you can’t expect it to last forever. A typical garage door and spring tend to be in use every day. They go up and down thousands of times under a variety of conditions. They can be subject to rain, sun, wind, and snow. From spring through to winter, garage doors don’t take time off.

The springs on every garage door tend to experience metal fatigue and snap after a certain period of use. This comes as no surprise when you take into account that they perform all the heavy duty lifting.

To make sure this doesn’t catch you off guard, you need to perform regular maintenance on your garage door. If you are confident enough, you can check your the garage door yourself from time to time. Once each year is a good rule of thumb to make sure everything is working well.

broken garage door spring
broken spring
All you have to do is disconnect them and try to lift the door by yourself. This way you can check for door balance. If you don’t hear anything breaking or rubbing, the door is fine. But, if you experience problems, you might need to replace your springs.
When it comes to price, installing garage door springs can cost you between $50 and $100 for each one. The number of springs you need depends on the type of door that you have. But, you should know that if one breaks, the other is not far behind. That’s why we recommend replacing both when one snaps. While some systems work with one spring, others have more. When you factor in material costs and professional labor, the cost of replacing broken or worn garage door spring can be around $300.

Broken Garage Door Cable

Garage door cables consist of wire strands that are wound together to form a single piece. These cables are an important part of every garage door because they help retract it together with tension from the springs. They lift the weight of the door and should be subject to regular maintenance to make sure they don’t fail when you most need them.
A simple visual inspection can tell you if the door cable needs replacement. Check from time to time to see if the cable is fraying or starting to break. If you happen to see anything like this, its time to find a garage door repair service to fix it for you.

Cables may not look like it, but they are an important part of every garage door. If a spring fails, the cable prevents your garage door from coming down on your car or even worse, injuring you or your family. That’s why keeping an eye on the condition they are in is important. Cables are not expensive but installing them the right way requires time and knowledge.

Replacing cables yourself is not something we can recommend. Since they are under a lot of tension from the door springs, installing new ones can be dangerous without the right tools and training. There are procedures that professionals follow to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Cables for your garage door aren’t expensive; the real cost lies in knowing how to take them off and set them up according to guidelines. When you hire a professional to fix cables, you should expect to get charged around $150. This price can include on of two things. Either locking the spring tension or unwinding the springs and winding them back again after replacing cables.