Garage Door Opener Repair Silver Spring MD

Garage door openers made their debut on the market way back in the 1920s. Since then, they have spread and now are a part of almost every garage door. If you have a quality garage door opener, you can expect it to work ten or twenty years without any problems. But this comes with a caveat. If you want it to last this long without major issues, you will need to service it each year and do regular maintenance.
A crucial part of every garage is the door opener. It takes on the task of opening and closing the door as the name implies. If your garage door can’t close or open or if it is opening with loud noises, then you might need to have a garage door opener repair. One thing to be aware of is that the garage door opener is a somewhat complicated part. Thus, if you aren’t sure how to repair it, you should hire professionals. You can, give your local garage door service company a call and get them on the job. With that, said here are some of the more common problems that people come across:
Cheapest Door Opener Repair
  • Remote not working

A lot of times, a garage door won’t open because the door opener remote has a malfunction. If you can open and close the door with the switch on your wall, but the remote doesn’t do anything, check the batteries. If this doesn’t work, you might need to get a new remote or reprogram the old one.

  • Sprocket and gear assembly not working

If you hear your door opener making loud, grinding noises and the door can’t move, there might be a problem with the sprocket and gear assembly. The sprocket and gear assembly is one of the most common parts that need repair on door openers.

  • Wall switch not working

Another problem that you might be facing is that your remote opens the door, while the wall switch isn’t responding. Wall switches connect to the electrical system in your house, so repairs should be left to a professional.

  • Broken carriage on the trolley

If your garage door is older or in bad shape, you might have trouble with your trolley carriage. Often, this problem involves the door not being able to close or open while the trolley cage moves. This one is another issue for a garage door service company.

Garage Door Drives

When mentioning door openers, you can’t leave out the drives that go along with them. There are three types, each with their benefits.
garage door drives
  • Chain drive units are present in most garage door systems. The chain works with a metal trolley to close or open your garage door. If noise is a concern, you should look for units that cover the chain. Otherwise, they are dependable and affordable units.
  • Screw drive units have fewer parts that move, and they use a steel rod with threads to operate. If you need a quiet unit that is low maintenance, this is a good choice.
  • Garage door openers made their debut in the Belt drive units operate with a rubber belt. This way there is no contact between metal parts, little noise or vibration, and they also last longer.
If you need to get a new door opener, choosing the right one might not seem easy, but there are a few things you should look out for. You should get an opener that can work with the system for automation that your house has. The opener should also come with a timer that will close the door when you leave your garage. One more important thing to have is a secondary source of power. The best brands all offer backup power in case of an outage in your neighborhood. Among other options are entry without keys and multiple remotes. Finally, a good garage door opener should come with a lifetime warranty for its chain, motor, and belt.


When you finally make a choice and get the garage door opener you want to install, you should consider hiring a contractor for garage door repair. If you choose to do it yourself, you will need another person to help you. Besides that, make sure to use the right tools and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid setbacks and problems.