Garage Door Installation 

Silver Spring MD

If you need fast and local garage door installers, you can always use our certified technicians that know the job inside and out. But, you should also know a thing or two about the process yourself. We are going to help you find the right door for you, no matter who you end up hiring. With different doors come different parts and methods of installation which you should take into account.
To start, you need to find out what kind of door you can install in your garage. Different types of doors need different amounts of space. Some might not work with the size of the opening you have. This is an important thing to consider because you can narrow down your search this way.
You should also think about what each type of door offers. Some have more finish options, some less. Some are more secure than others. Price is also a factor each homeowner should consider, and you can choose to install a manual or automatic door.
Three types of garage doors are in use in most homes. These are retractable garage doors, roller doors, and finally sectional doors.
Fastest Garage Door Installation

The Retractable Doors

Retractable doors are one of the most common types of garage doors. When opened, they swing out before sliding away into your garage’s ceiling. With a retractable door, you can’t park your car too close, though.
The Retractable Doors
These doors are easy to install. The tracks go up to the top for support and into your garage, while the springs go into frames to the side. These doors are the best option if you want to convert them to work with an electric opener. Most manufacturers fit four latches to retractable doors, so they are secure. But, if you automate them, the door can be prone to forceful entry. However, de-latching systems that are automatic solve this problem.
Retractable doors can come in a variety of materials: wood, ABS plastic, glass reinforced polyester (GRP), and steel. They also come in different finishes and colors to suit everyone’s needs.

Retractable doors can sometimes reduce the width of your garage opening. This is because they use assemblies with side springs. But, many manufacturers offer mechanisms that don’t take up extra room.
Because no cables are necessary for their operation, these doors have fewer parts to service and replace.

Roller Doors

Roller doors have a mechanism that is easy to understand. With this type of door, individual slats in horizontal rows roll up on a barrel to open up your garage. The barrel attaches near the ceiling and doesn’t need much space to the sides. The whole door opens in a vertical line which means you can park your car right in front of it.
If you choose to install a roller door, you will be happy to know you don’t need a door frame. This helps increase the space you have on either side of your car when driving in and out of the garage. Security wise, these doors are an excellent choice. They also have good protection against weather conditions. Rollers doors can come with and without thermal insulation.
Roller Doors
Rollers doors can be either aluminum or steel, hinged slat or single sheet, and a huge range of finishes. You can choose from both electric and manual versions. They often come motorized and the difference in price isn’t significant. Finally, installing these doors is straightforward, but requires two people. This is because you need to lift and attach the barrel or curtain to your garage’s ceiling using support brackets.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors consist of a few individual horizontal pieces that are hinged together. They attach to the inside of your garage opening wall and don’t need too much space to the top and sides. Sectional doors operate by rising and then going back into the garage ceiling. If you have a small driveway, you can park close to these doors. To install them you don’t need a door frame which gives more space for your vehicle to pass through. They can be ideal if you’re working with a tight squeeze.
Sectional doors offer good weather protection and security with a seal all the way around the door. You can find options with and without thermal insulation. In most cases, manufacturers produce sectional doors out of steel, but you can find timber, fiberglass, and aluminum ones as well. When it comes to finishes, you can choose from many colors and laminate wood grains. Sectional can also have various metallic finishes.
Sectional Doors
If you want to automate these doors, you have lots of options because most motors will work with them. These doors are easy to fit and can be operational within a few hours.